Residential at Bucharest Golf Club

Conveniently located along the DN1 which makes it accessible to a host of services including the cities best shopping center, the international airport and many businesses located in the Northern part of city.

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Homes of Distinction

The new homes will be of interest to people who will use them as their main residence, second homes and for investors and golf enthusiasts alike. There will be a range of styles and sizes available to cater for individual requirements ranging in size from 120 square meters to 240 square meters.

The development will be carefully managed ensuring a well-designed and secure environment. Each phase will be planned to ensure minimum disruption to existing residents and golfers.

The developer wants those who choose to buy into Bucharest Golf Club to experience a quality lifestyle while watching their investment appreciate over the coming years.

Life work balance

Bucharest Golf Club is set in a rural environment and yet it is only 24 KM from the center of the Capital City. It is very convenient to all Businesses, Schools and Services located along the DN1 in the Northern part of the city. Residents can capture the opportunity to avail of the move towards flexible working without the need to spend hours commuting to an office every day. The houses and facilities are spacious and allow people to comfortably work here. We will be adding services including office pods which can be used by residents.

Transport links

The Development is located adjacent to the DNI which is the main road connecting the city to the International Airport. It will be a car friendly development but also have its own bus connections to schools and retail.

Local retail

There are several retail destinations along the DN1 accessible to the development including a significant shopping destination within 6 KM of the development which includes Carrefour, Hornbach and Hervis Sports as well as many smaller shops catering to a diverse range of shoppers.

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